City Clerk

Duties & Responsibilities

The City Clerk is appointed by the City Commission and is Director of the Department of Records. The City Clerk serves the Commissioners, City Manager, all administrative departments and acts as a historian for the community. Some of the services and duties entrusted to the City Clerk are as follows:
  • Serves as the Official Custodian of City Records.
  • Acts as liaison between the public and the Commission as directed.
  • Administers and records Oaths of Office.
  • Certifies and maintains election results.
  • Coordinates voter registration activities with Hillsborough county Supervisor of Elections.
  • Develops and administers improved electronic management of City's records.
  • Furnishes and receives qualifying materials for municipal elections.
  • Is the City's Records Management Liaison Officer with the State of Florida and is responsible for maintaining the city's Records Management Program in accordance with state law.
  • Maintains custody of the municipal seal.
  • Maintains receipt of service and legal documents.
  • Maintains the City Code.
  • Prepares and distributes City Commission agendas and records official minutes of City Commission proceedings.
  • Prepares and publishes legal ads for ordinances, resolutions and notices of public hearings.
  • Prepares Municipal Code Enforcement Board agendas and records official minutes of proceedings.
  • Provides layout of municipal election ballots.
  • Receives and maintains candidate records.
  • Receives and processes applications for volunteer boards and committees.
  • Receives and processes public records request in accordance with Florida Statutes.
  • Tracks board member term expirations for all boards and committees.
  • Coordinates the placement and review of all City newspaper advertisements.