Special Events

Chapter 50 - Parks and Recreation Areas, Plant City Code (revisions adopted on October 10, 2011), gives the definition of a Special Event and the process to schedule events in the City's park system, including permitted locations for large events and requirements for sales at events. Below is a summary of the Special Event related items found in Chapter 50. View the entire Code of Ordinances for the City of Plant City, Florida online.

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Section 50-1 Definitions.
(c) Special event shall mean:
(1) a planned gathering involving, or likely to involve 100 or more persons at any one given time
(2) any sale of goods, products, services, food or beverages as described in Section 50-6
(3) use of any electrical or electronic device or equipment requiring outdoor auxiliary power, excluding one inflatable play apparatus for the activity
(4) bringing, launching or causing to ascend or descend or alight any aircraft, glider, balloon, or parachute.
City sponsored activity shall not be deemed to be a special event

Section 50-5. Special events
(a) No person shall engage in, participate in, or aid any special event in or on a public park or recreation facility unless a special event permit as set forth herein has been obtained from the City.

(b) For special events, the use of amplified sound which is plainly audible across the real property line of the public park shall not be permitted beyond the closing hours described in Section 50-3.

(c) For special events conducted in the parks described in subsection (b) of Section 50-3, the event shall not exceed 250 people.

(d) Permits for special events at City parks may be approved by the City Manager, subject to this Section.

(e) The applicant shall file with the City Manager an application for the permit stating the name and address of the applicant; the name and address of the person, corporation or association sponsoring the activity; the day and hours for which the permit is desired; the park or portion thereof for which the permit is desired; the purpose of the event, the type of activity, anticipated attendance, whether sales shall take place at the event and a statement that all activity shall be in accordance with this Chapter and with Section 10-2.

(f) The issuance of a permit for a special event shall be subject to the City Manager’s determination that:
(1) The proposed activity or use of the park will not unreasonably interfere with or detract from the promotion of public health, welfare, safety and recreation
(2) The proposed activity will not include violence, crime or disorderly conduct
(3) The proposed activity will not entail extraordinary or burdensome expense or police operation by the City
(4) The facilities desired have not been reserved for other use on the date and hour requested in the application
(5) That activity shall be in accordance with this Chapter and Section 10-2

(g) Within 14 days after the receipt of an application, the City Manager shall advise the applicant in writing of the decision to approve, approve with conditions, or deny the permit. The City Manager shall consider the information provided by the applicant and any past experiences of similar type events when making his/her decision to approve, approve with conditions, or deny the permit. Once granted, the applicant must pay any required permit fee for facility use to complete the permit process and comply with all conditions of the approved permit.

(h) If the permit is denied, the notification shall include the reason for the denial. Any aggrieved person shall have the right to appeal to the City Commission by serving written notice thereof on the City Clerk within five working days of the refusal. A copy of the notice of appeal shall be forwarded by the City Clerk to the City Commission. The City Commission shall decide on the appeal at the next regular City Commission meeting or within ten days of the date of filing of the notice of appeal, whichever is later. The decision of the City Commission shall be final.

Section 50-6. Sales within City Parks
Goods, products, services, food and beverages shall only be sold within city parks at special events, as follows:
(a) The special event permit must be issued to a religious, non-profit or charitable organization and the City is provided verifiable documentation of such religious, non-profit or charitable organization status.
(b) The application for a special event must disclose whether sales will take place during the special event and the permit must specifically authorize such sales.
(c) The sales activity shall not interfere with the safe and efficient movement of traffic or activities in the park and the use will cause no danger to the public.