Former Walden Lake Golf Course Updates

Below is the most recent information available on enforcement and compliance as it relates to the former golf course and clubhouse.  Additional documents and resources may also be found in the menu to the left:

AUGUST 17, 2018

Code Enforcement staff met with the mowing contractor for Today's Bank's on-site.  The contractor stated mowing will continue throughout the weekend of August 18-19th.  The contractor further stated mowing is nearly complete on the former Lakes Course and has commenced on the former Hills Course.  The contractor anticipates the bank will meet the August 22nd deadline, provided there are no major rain events.  Upon completion of the current round of mowing, mowers will begin a second round of mowing, then continuing maintenance on the former course.  

AUGUST 15, 2018

Code Enforcement staff has set a deadline of Wednesday, August 22nd for Today's Bank to bring the former golf course into compliance with City Code.  Compliance is defined as:

1. Mowing all grass within 200 feet of a structure or roadway to a height of less than ten inches

2. Removal of all fallen tree debris within 200 feet of a structure or roadway.  

In the event compliance is not achieved by the deadline, the City of Plant City will proceed to mow and clean any remaining areas where compliance has not been achieved, after which a lien will be placed on the property for the full cost of the abatement. 

WEEK OF AUGUST 13-17, 2018

Today's Bank began mowing the former golf course on Thursday, August 9th.  Mowing is expected to occur over the next ten business days, or until the entire course has been mowed, provided the weather cooperates.  

Some residents may notice large patches of grass that appear to be un-mowed.  This is an expected side effect of the standing water in some of the lower areas of the course.  The bank's contractor is aware of these areas and will return to mow them once they have an opportunity to dry.  Once the first round of mowing is completed, the contractor will immediately begin a second round, which will result in a more uniform look. 

Many residents have complained about the condition of the pool at the former clubhouse. Today's Bank has assured the City that a maintenance company has been hired and that the pool is treated regularly to prevent mosquito infestations.

The City recommends that residents do not trespass on the former golf course or former clubhouse property.  Today’s Bank has entered into a trespass agreement with the Plant City Police Department and has requested that anyone found trespassing be arrested.